Saturday, November 9, 2013

A day full with surprises!!

I still remember I blog about my Form 4 Form 5's birthday here..
Time passes by so so fast!
kinda scary maybe? haha
here goes bout my story on how i started my big day..

before that I really feel happy cause my sisters was planning bout my birthday for few days d..
I'm so touched cause they willing to plan my birthday celebration although is a "hell" season.. haha
as everyone are busying for their STPM!
I gave to my pretty and loving sisters a long long message..
tell them About i really feel glad for being my unbiological sister!
that time i think it's 11.30pm (7th november)

After chatting with them it's almost 12.00 am 
my heart beat rate getting higher and higher!
when the clock's pointer really strike at 12.00 am! 
I started to receive calls and messages! 
I really happy very very happy!!
the first who sing birthday song for me was my sister ( hui sing )
she really melted my heart!!
I dont know why i almost cried!! really feel so touched!!
and im so happy! my Bro wish me Birthday with a very very very sweet sentence!thank you bro! I love you <3<3 here's the love and here's the hug!

then some of my friends called me and sang birthday song to me!
I really happy cause when they call me.. without saying any hello or what
straight " happy birthday to you... "
I really will appreciate all these!
and i felt happy cause I'd chat back with my old friend (we lost contact nearly 2 years i think )
we chat until 4.30am haha! cause before that I replied "thank you" for my fb wishes!
then i woke up at 5.30 am!
heehee prepare sandwich for my school friends!

(looks delicious right? taste good i think so lolll)

when I reached school,
I passed by Arts 2! they sang birthday song to me! I felt so shy actually... haha thanks guys!
When i enter my class I feel happy cause the attendance is awesome!
cause during that week can say our attendance is less than 10 people per day.. 
but on that day is nearly full attendance!!
I take out my sandwich treat them eat!
and my classmate prepared popiah and  bacon baked rice for me!
woohoo! I feel so happy!

My class teacher came in and start teaching...
When everyone was serious bout the study!
suddenly cindy came in with a birthday cake! 
I was really shock and feel so surprised!!
haha! but there's awkward moment.. heehee
when cindy(my sister) brought in the cake, everyone was so shock too! she almost reach my place but there's still nobody sing birthday song! so cindy shouted "唱歌啦!不会唱啊?" (sing song la! dont know how to sing ah) hahaha!! so funny that time i laugh like hell!!!
then everyone start to sing! haha after cutting the cake! my friend pushed the candle into the cake deeply and asked me to take it out!! haha.. so when im ready to take it out! my face got smash into the cake by my cute friend li ying.. haha! my face full with cream!!
(Li ying and me)
(cindy me and yvonne) sisters

after that there're two girl from arts 5 (shi jia and xiao ying) bring rose to me! and say happy birthday!
I was shock and thought they dont know go where found rose and give it to me!
But suddenly one by one give me rose! I felt so surprised!! even my class teacher also gave it to me!
there's messages stick on the rose and from the handwriting I knew it was violet! (my another sister)
thank you very much!! the roses is pretty!
 the roses i get! haha and my classmate say roses put on a vase is too mainstream

the roses and the messages <3 thanks zhi shan! :')
( me and zhi shan)

After school, me and my sisters decided to go Papajohn after school..
I was down cause that time only me and cindy two of us only waiting.. (this is real) haha
but after awhile one gang of my friends!!!!
they came in to papajohn and sing birthday song to me with a big birthday cake!!!
I love them! this really so surprised i tot they will just celebrate for me although i spoiled their plan so sorry!! 
but i din know they use this tactic to surprise me...
I really almost cried but i dont know why my tears just dont want to follow my feeling!!
here goes a bunch of my friends!
A very big lovely good friends i meet this year!!! I hope we will enjoy our form 6 life together within this short term!

and what I was really surprise was!!
My epic birthday cake!! let u see how surprised i was!!
hahaha ( HAPPY F***KING 18th)
This was really epic! maybe for some of the guys this is common but for me this is my first time get this king of birthday cake! hahaa
can really see I am 18 now big girl already! hahaha

and I got a birthday cake smashed on this second celebration!!haha
look what's the result!! hahaha
(hahahaha muka comot with all the chocolate cream!! )

after that... everyone when back!
My aunty called me!
haha she call me to go collect my birthday cupcakes from her!
My lovely aunty she's so talented in everything!!
She's a lawyer! A very good role model for me!
( so lovely right? it's red velvet <3 )
*ps : if u got any function or any party that u need cupcake u can contact me ya! 
my fb email :
my email :

haha! so here goes my birthday celebration!!

The pictures! <3
(my classmates!! the girlsss)

(arts 4 chef! My loving classmate! and also my primary schoolmate)

(my lanC class monitor, adam and also my paboh friend!, prama)

(apit! my annoying and funny malay classmate!)

when the surprise arrive!

my ekons and account teacher! miss swee me and li ying! my cute friend

yes!!! Im too too happy!!!

this is the result after birthday cake smashed! and decorate by my friends! 

the two tall guys with one shorty! opps.. actually im not tall also.. hahaha

me and him again.. apit

my lovely classmate!! I super duper love them!!

they bully me!!

hahahaha!! epic

me and cutie again :)

teacher behind there also no eye see.. haha

OMG I feel so shyyy

haha my shy face!!!

the flowers dropping >.<

take our happily!hahaha

me and pretty yvonne! she sit beside me! my sister

me and litte han :)

thanks to arts 3 friend!! they wrote this to me before i enter for MUET class!

haha the happy me with the epic cake!!

my sisters! I love them

one more!! weee

madam ho! a very dedicated english teacher!

make a wish! but i too greedy! i made three heehee

prama von cindy and me! my good friends!

ashok violet fabian and shaun!!

samuel matthew edwin and aaron(one of my primary schoolmate too!)

aaron why so shy? 

she's my babyyy <3

chee kuan and samuel.. he sit like a boss there!

imitating chee kuan's instagram post

me love them! alvi baby hui sing darling chee kuan and pretty chew chew!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Can someone really know my feelings?

Sometimes I feel so unsecured..
I dont know why i feel of that..
My friend said i lack of love...
kinda true?

After school once i reach home..
There's nobody around...
Luckily I have two dogs accompany me..
I'm the one who can't leave alone..
But what the dogs can do?
they can't even talk to me..
yes! my talkative-ness makes me feel more secured because there's still people will care and talk to me.
I scared of silence..

I don't know why i got so low self-esteem 
I can't really stand out
But some of them may be thinking that i have a good leadership but unfortunately you were wrong.
I dont have confident at all..
I scared of many things..
Just even a small matter can make me feel so scared  for example when a guy start to talk loudly
People may think this is not a big deal..
but for me i cant accept that a guy can be so fierce or what's over...

I still can remember during my national service..
I'd promoted as a IC SKUAD 
some sort the head of a company..
As a head, he must be brave confident independent and so on..
But I got no confident..
There's one day during class teacher called me up to give some opinion of  the activities..
Im such a coward..
I dont know why im stunning at there and i cant even uttered a word..
teacher may think that im useless cant even talk..
this is why some of the teachers there not really like me...
chat with friends normally I number one! but no to public speaking...

I got a lot of best friends!
the seven dwarfs :p
zhe yen and angela too
but all of them are female...
can I have a male best friend?
it's not that Im "hiao" or what..but sometimes u may feel secured when u got a male best friend
Not every secrets that u can share with ur female friends..
apparently Male's thinking are totally different from girls
and they are pro in consoling people...
I dont know why a guy's advise is much more effective than a girl's advise to me... no offense ya 
maybe I can feel more secured..
But i think that im too choosy...
I want a guy that is mature thinking 
he may be childish sometimes but when come to serious he is serious...

Sometimes i ask myself 
does my kindness pay?
do everyone appreciate it?
I feel so envy bout my friends why they got so many friends like them
do my friends like me?
does my outlook is the factor that my friends not really good to me?
I hope someone can really see and feel it as Im trying hard to change myself..

My curiosity too high that makes me feel so tired
I can really simply think of anything..
"My friends will think that I'm noisy?'
Because of my noisiness they will boycott me??
I will keep thinking all sorts of nonsense!

If someone read this, I really appreciate that u sacrificed ur time to read this long passage of my feelings

Friday, December 28, 2012


20th December 2012
A nice day :)
Four of us :)
hui sing, chew, angela and me!
After our so called "not nice pasta" and "not nice smash potato"
we quickly dress up for our High School Prom
Yong Lynn - Make Up artist and Planner :P
Angela Koh - Hair Stylist
 Chew & Hui sing - Customer! 
 hahahaha XD
A wonderful day for me!
First time help so many people make up including me!
Not really look nice but my friend and I satisfied! 
It's actually very good for the first try! ( lol... self-praise... )
Here goes our picture!
( From left : Yong Lynn, Angela, Hui sing, Chew )

I regret for no taking a close look picture!
Here goes the pic during the prom